Marine Stabilization System

Active stabilisation of floating wind foundation

Marine Stabilization System

Our offshore wind library consists of both bottom-fixed and floating foundations and turbines of different sizes. Read about our models.

cDynamics has delivered a phase 2 contract assignment through the Sustainable Energy Norwegian Catapult centre for end customer Marine Stabilization System AS. cDynamics has perform coupled simulations for validation of their active stabilization technology for the use in floating offshore wind turbine foundation. The technology is previously applied for roll stabilization of ships by MRPC AS. Marine Stabilization System active technology has been applied in a case study to Inocean’s INO12TM floater to perform a comparison between passive/active ballast system. The purpose of the validation was to estimate the pros and cons of active stabilizing systems on floating offshore wind turbine foundations.

Key findings:

  • Static heel is reduced
  • Pitch resonance motion is effectively dampened
  • Significant reduction in pitch
  • Possibility for reduction in tower steel thickness and substructure joints due to reduced fatigue
  • Increase in average power production
  • Reduction in nacelle lateral accelerations
  • More stable shaft angular velocity

We wish to thank Sustainable Energy Catapult centre and Marine Stabilizations Systems for the project and we are excited together with them about these great findings. We wish MSS all the best in further development of the technology.

Simulation in Orcaflex of active stabilization of floating wind turbine